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Mike Rickett's art explores the relationship between space, geometry and colour in the attempt to capture on canvas the physical and non-physical phenomena associated with the modern industrial city, its architecture, dynamism, and complexity. His work encompasses three distinct forms - hard-edge, geometric urban paintings and 3D reliefs as well as two-colour studies of Liverpool scenes and woodcut prints, also mostly of Liverpool scenes.

Mike has an MA in fine art following a BA (Hons) both at Liverpool Hope University where he was awarded the Liverpool Women's Hospital Purchase prize. He previously achieved a BA (Hons) in English at the University of Liverpool. He shortly intends to embark on PhD. He is a founder member of The Liverpool School art movement of urban geometric art which now has eight members.

Before beginning to study art in 2008 he pursued a career in the media as a journalist, mostly in daily newspapers, latterly with the Liverpool Daily Post but before that with the Liverpool Echo, Reuters, as well the Daily Mail and also as head of public relations for Girobank and the Plessey Company.

Mike was brought up in Powys, mid- Wales but now lives in Liverpool and has two children - a son in London and a daughter in Canada.

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'percy street' by mike rickett

percy street
61cm x 46cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £250
'seascape no.1' by mike rickett

seascape no.1
57cm x 42cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £550
'seascape no.2' by mike rickett

seascape no.2
58cm x 40cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £550
'the matrix' by mike rickett

the matrix
80cm x 50cm, wood and acrylic
original, £1200
'pier head' by mike rickett

pier head
84cm x 63cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £450
'dancers' by mike rickett

73cm x 63cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £200
'percy street' by mike rickett

percy street
21cm x 29cm, framed screen print
limited edition print, £60
'fleet street 2' by mike rickett

fleet street 2
29cm x 21cm, framed screen print
limited edition print, £60
'kings parade' by mike rickett

kings parade
59cm x 42cm, framed wood cut
limited edition print, £120
'wood street 1' by mike rickett

wood street 1
21cm x 29cm, screen print framed
limited edition print, £60
'wood street 3' by mike rickett

wood street 3
72cm x 107cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £450
'india buildings' by mike rickett

india buildings
84cm x 122cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £400
'allerton road ' by mike rickett

allerton road
82cm x 48cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £450
'paradise interchange' by mike rickett

paradise interchange
125cm x 83cm, acrylic on canvas
limited edition print, £ ?450
'city living' by mike rickett

city living
45cm x 30cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £150
'composition no 1' by mike rickett

composition no 1
61cm x 42cm, acrylic plaster and 12mm plywood
original, £500
'composition no 6' by mike rickett

composition no 6
62cm x 62cm, relief in ply and plaster and acrylics
original, £500
'penny lane' by mike rickett

penny lane
90cm x 60cm, acrylics on 12mm varnished ply
original, £450
'metropolis in transit gloria' by mike rickett

metropolis in transit gloria
78cm x 26cm, wood plaster and acrylics
original, £650
'urbania no.1' by mike rickett

urbania no.1
38cm x 64cm, wood and acrylic
original, £1500

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