gail pickett

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Merseyside based gail graduated from Liverpool art school in 1995, and since then has exhibited widely around Liverpool as well as the rest of the Uk, and as far afield as Germany.

Her work is often linked to her strong interest in natural form, and in particlular fish. She hopes to challenge and explore the sometimes misunderstood genre of nature painting and also the ambiguous relationship between painting and photography.

Gail discusses how she uses these contradictions and parallels in her work-

"Machines such as photocopiers and cameras are often believed to reproduce reality more accurately than painting but even the simple act of reproducing the same image for example the koi carp in "reproduction" leads to differences in tonality not controlled by the operator and differences in size which is controlled. Rather like selective breeding (the koi is the ultimate example of selective breeding) the outcome can never be totally guaranteed. I want my paintings to work as interesting images which entertain the eye. Pictures, in other words, ones which can be perhaps both about (painting) and of (nature)."

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'knots' by gail pickett

152cm x 109cm, oil on linen
original £1100
'reproduction' by gail pickett

107cm x 107cm, oil on board
original £990
'twelve colours of the rainbow trout' by gail pickett

twelve colours of the rainbow trout
61cm x 30cm, oil on board
original £550
'ripples' by gail pickett

76cm x 76cm, oil on board
original £715
'tickled trout' by gail pickett

tickled trout
69cm x 51cm, pencil on paper
original £165
'threes' by gail pickett

30cm x 30cm, oil on board
original £200
'cloth and thorns' by gail pickett

cloth and thorns
46cm x 61cm, oil on board
original £250
'feather study' by gail pickett

feather study
30cm x 30cm, oil on board
original £200
'three geese over a reedbed' by gail pickett

three geese over a reedbed
46cm x 38cm, oil on canvas
original £250
'nautilus and land snails' by gail pickett

nautilus and land snails
61cm x 76cm, oil on board
original £400
'the gatekeeper' by gail pickett

the gatekeeper
61cm x 122cm, oil on board
original £550
'bird in the hand' by gail pickett

bird in the hand
122cm x 92cm, oil on board
commission example

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