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Chris Mills graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2005, and is currently based in Manchester. Since graduation he has exhibited widely around the region, including a solo show in Liverpool in 2008. The artist says:

"My paintings depict boldly coloured landscapes and environments that are both real and imagined. These contain a variety of man-made structures, architecture, vehicles and more recently people depicted in bleak and often isolated surroundings. These fictitious environments also contain loose and uncontrived narratives which also bring to mind film and literary inspired dystopias and utopias which in turn refer to idyllic, romanticised notions of landscape depicted in fine art. My main sources of inspiration and starting points include the natural and man made world, popular culture and images of landscapes in mass media and popular sources such as films, television, magazines, book covers, album covers, comic books, cartoons and computer games."

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'cityscape 2' by chris mills

cityscape 2
101cm x 76cm, acrylic and enamel on canvas
'cityscape 4' by chris mills

cityscape 4
100cm x 76cm, acrylic gloss and satin enamel on canvas
'cityscape 5' by chris mills

cityscape 5
45cm x 60cm, acrylic gloss and satin enamel on canvas
original, £300
'dead of the night' by chris mills

dead of the night
100cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £450
'the pursuit 1' by chris mills

the pursuit 1
76cm x 100cm, acrylic and card on canvas
original, £400
'untitled' by chris mills

76cm x 61cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £320
'1300ft above sea level' by chris mills

1300ft above sea level
100cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas
original, £500
'night over clearwater' by chris mills

night over clearwater
80cm x 100cm, acrylic and oil on canvas
original, £600
'spider power' by chris mills

spider power
120cm x 100cm, acrylic and varnish on board
original, £700
'we have been expecting you' by chris mills

we have been expecting you
100cm x 76cm, acrylic and oil on canvas
original, £600

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